2 to 3 girls and young women are recovered out of human trafficking every day, and therapy dogs help them heal - Phoenix, AZ

Sponsor a Therapy Dog and Help Heal Human Trafficking Survivors Today!

At the Phoenix Dream Center, we house the nation's largest human trafficking recovery operation. Since 2002, we've served over 5,000 girls and young women who were victims of human trafficking. One of the secrets to our high success rate (94%) is that we have on-site therapy dogs to help the girls heal. 

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Some of these amazing healing pals sleep with the girls when they first come to the campus. Some of them follow the girls to school and sit with them through therapy.

Our four-legged heroes work tirelessly to show love and compassion as they help survivors overcome some of the most difficult times in their lives. With your sponsorship, these amazing animals can receive the necessary care and supplies they need to continue making a difference! Everyone deserves a chance at hope – especially those who have been taken advantage of or suffered trauma due to human trafficking.

Our sponsors are doing something heroic by helping create brighter futures through direct animal-assisted intervention. All it takes is minutes each month, yet this simple act could save someone’s life!

Please join us in supporting our special therapy dogs as we prevent future victims from having similar experiences while recovering from past tragedies!

Become a sponsor today, get updates about progress made possible with your help, and watch how you make the world better one dog at a time…

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What You Get When You Sponsor A Therapy Dog...

  • You will receive an email introduction video to your therapy dog
  • You will also get weekly updates on the activities that your therapy dog is involved in including their day-to-day activities that help survivors of human trafficking heal
  • You will also get details about the human trafficking survivors that your dog is helping to heal as they move through the healing program to restore their lives
  • You will also get information about special occasions and celebrations that your dog helped the survivors of human trafficking achieve

Choose your monthly sponsorship level here. All sponsorship levels are eligible for IRS tax deductions.

100% of your donation goes directly to support the therapy dogs as they help girls heal from human trafficking. Our administrative overhead costs are all covered by business revenue and a private foundation grant.

And, here’s some more good news – in Arizona your donation is eligible for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit and you can get $800 in state tax credits for couples filing jointly and singles can get up to $400 in AZ Charitable Tax Credits.

The Phoenix Dream Center is an Arizona nonprofit organization in excellent standing with the IRS since 2002.

We're committed to Stopping Human Trafficking, Ending Childhood Hunger and Breaking Cycles of Addiction.

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